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2 Videos from Access DevCon 2024

Updated: May 1

Two recordings from the recent Access DevCon Vienna are freely available on Youtube. Sit back and enjoy more than 1.5 hours of advanced training for Access developers and information for anyone interested in the future of Visual Basic.

Colin Riddington's presentation showing a bunch of advanced form design techniques, some of which you wouldn't have thought possible with Access.

Mike Wolfe presenting an update to the twinBASIC project and demonstrating how to build add-ins for Access with twinBASIC.

At the DevCon 2024, there were 12 presentations like this and 2 feedback/discussion sessions. If the videos have made you curious, then sign up to the interest lists for the two biggest annual Access conferences: the English-language DevCon 2025 and/or the German-language AEK this October.

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