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3 Videos from Access DevCon 2023

Updated: May 11, 2023

These three videos from the recent Access DevCon are freely available on Youtube:

1) Mike Wolfe's update on the twinBASIC project, for which version 1.0 is planned in the next few months. After that, the integration with Access shall be enhanced, among other things.

2) Tom van Stiphout and Kim Young, two members of the Northwind 2.0 Working Group, show that the dev edition of the new Northwind template has a lot to offer, even for experienced programmers.

3) Kevin Bell and I show ideas for a package/tool manager for Access that shall make third-party components more accessible and thus potentially bring many new features to the product. At the conference we primarily wanted to find out if there was enough interest from tool vendors, developers and users. More than 50 conference attendees have already left their comments and email addresses in our short interest survey. which is still open. The next step is to create a proof-of-concept, which will then be discussed with the interested parties at a Teams meeting.

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