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Access gets slow or freezes on Win11 when you copy records

Updated: May 3

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There are many reports that Access 365 on Windows 11 is slow to respond when trying to copy records and freezes completely when trying to copy more than a few hundred records.

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According to user reports, the update KB5019980 from 8 November 2022.


George Hepworth has informed the Access team on Nov 18. On March 6, we learned from Microsoft that there will be a fix for the problem in a Windows update, but no date for its release has been known yet. We will inform you here as soon as we receive this information.

Workaround 1: Try to uninstall KB5019980.

Workaround 2: Bud Trench has mentioned in a comment here below that Access works correctly again when he runs it as administrator. Other affected users have confirmed that this resolves the problem.

Workaround 3: According to a tip from the Access team, continuous forms are not affected by the problem. So for some people copying over continuous forms could be a remedy until the bug is fixed.

Workaround 4: According to another tip from the Access team, it helps to turn off Suggested Actions. You can find them in the Windows 11 Settings – System – Clipboard – Suggested Actions.

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