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Access code signing is back

Updated: Sep 13

Whack! After only 15 years of waiting, with version 2212 of Access 365 from January 4 code signing for ACCDB/ACCDE files is available. So, as before only for MDB/MDE it is now possible to add a digital signature to the newer file format.

In some companies and organizations the use of Trusted Locations is not welcome or even forbidden. Especially for such cases this feature, which has always been available for the other Office/VBA applications, should be useful for Access developers.

Microsoft so far only offers a meager documentation, which is also somewhat misleading regarding the versions, because it is possible to sign file formats from Access 2013 upwards (apparently even from the unsupported 2007/2010), but only with Access 365, which was the sole version to get the new signing built in.

Resources if you want to know details about the refreshed code signing:

Colin Riddington's documentation

Maria Barnes' instructive Youtube video

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