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Access Conferences in 2023

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

This year I will again hold my 2 Access developer conferences:

The 7th Access DevCon Vienna will be held on April 27+28, 2023 again as an online event.

We will be covering all the new developments in the Access area and showcasing various tools and initiatives. If you want to be sure to stay up to date, you can sign up for the DevCon interest list to be actively informed about the agenda and the registration start.


The 25th German conference AEK on 14+15 October 2023, will probably be hybrid again, onsite in Nuremberg and via Teams.

It is the biggest Access event, and I wrote a short article about the latest one here. There is also an AEK interest list to be actively informed.


You know of other Access conferences in 2023 somewhere in the world? Then please inform us and the community here in a comment.

My conferences are somehow "commercial" (low price, low budget), otherwise I could not organise them in this form and for so long. Despite all my efforts, I'm not getting rich with it and I'm not very afraid of competitors. My main motivation is to promote professional work with Access. So just keep your countless event tips coming!

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1 Comment

Karl Donaubauer
Karl Donaubauer
Feb 03, 2023

Microsoft has now extremely late given the date for this year's MVP Summit: April 18-20. Since this would have overlapped with the originally planned Access DevCon date and many people actively involved in it are affected by the Summit, I have postponed the conference by one week to April 27-28.

[I'm posting this as a comment so subscribers to this article will be notified via email]

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