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Access DevCon 2023, Agenda+Schedule

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

So far, about 90 Access developers from 15 countries have registered for the Access DevCon on April 27+28. Since it's still more than a month until the event date, I expect a few thousand more registrations. ;-) In any case, it should be the biggest English-language Access conference in 2023, especially as it will most likely be the only one again.

Today I have published the detailled schedule.

The topics and speakers are:

  • Update by the Access Team (Microsoft Access Engineering Team)

  • Exploring the Future of twinBASIC and Access Development (Mike Wolfe)

  • Defensive Programming: Some Bugs are Better than Others (Mike Wolfe)

  • Dataverse for Access Developers? (Ynte Jan Kuindersma)

  • Making Automatic Form Resizing work for you (Colin Riddington)

  • Draw Gadgets on Access Reports (Crystal Long)

  • Access in an Azure VM (George Young)

  • Access Help Content and Documentation Deep Dive (Jeff Conrad, Microsoft)

  • Northwind 2 – Comeback of a Superstar (Tom van Stiphout, Kim Young)

  • Advanced Database Design (Armen Stein)

  • Modern UI Design Tips (Daniel Sanders)

  • Click Here to Add Feature X! (Kevin Bell, Karl Donaubauer)

Session descriptions can be found on the agenda page.

This DevCon No. 7 will be held virtually in Microsoft Teams, just like the last three. The first three were on-site in Vienna, Austria. Then came the pandemic. The advantage of the online format, of course, is that developers from anywhere can attend with little effort and cost.

To come back to the schedule:

Every day there are 5 hours of presentations followed by a final Feedback Hour where we go through the topics of the day in a relaxed way with the help of coffee, tea or whatever is served. I came up with this feedback format so that the attendees have a fair amount of time to contribute their questions and opinions, even at such an online event.

It has turned out that these feedback hours get the best ratings of all the sessions. According to the comments in the evaluation form, the active discussions with some distance to the actual presentations add a lot of value for the participants.

With this in mind: See you!

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1 comentário

03 de mai. de 2023

Great job everyone! But the best takeaway for me was learning a new "thing" in VBA: The End statement. I am not even going to begin to explain how I went about achieving the same functionality. What is really amazing is that it came out in passing during the "give-away" portion of the conference...

It is little jewels like this that make me wonder what else is out there that I am unaware of...

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