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Access DevCon 2024, Agenda + Schedule

The Access DevCon on April 18+19, 2024 is the largest online event for Access worldwide. So far, almost 100 developers from 16 countries and 4 continents have registered (Hey, small Asia, what are you waiting for?). Our aim is to exceed last year's figure of 160. Let's see.

The agenda is complete since last week and includes these topics and speakers:

  • Latest Access improvements and the road ahead  (Microsoft Access Team)

  • Access Community Update  (Karl Donaubauer)

  • Navigating the AI Skies: Unleashing Microsoft Copilot and Azure AI  (Martina Grom)

  • SD OpenAI Add-In for Access + AI Tools  (Alexander Denz)

  • You can REALLY do all that with Forms?  (Colin Riddington)

  • UI Ergonomics and Design  (Karl Donaubauer)

  • Microsoft Fabric  (Ynte Jan Kuindersma)

  • Custom Add-In Creation with twinBASIC: Tailoring Your VBA IDE to Your Workflow  (Mike Wolfe)

  • Powerful Customer Communication  (Armen Stein)

  • Centralizing Dispersed Data  (Crystal Long)

  • Tools for Access  (Peter Cole, Mike Wolfe)

I have tried to mix a colorful cocktail of news, theory and practice, also for my 54th pure Access conference. One focus this time is on new technologies and offerings such as AI and Fabric.

Another thing we've started on the occasion of the conferences are affordable, one-day workshops on Power Apps and Power BI, adapted for Access/VBA developers. After a two-year break, we are offering such workshops in English and German again at the end of April. It has never been so important not to stop learning.

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