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Access Version Checker

The first tool I present here fits extremely well with our current bug focus: The Access Version Checker by Colin Riddington.

What are the first and most important questions to ask any poster on forums, any bug-reporting colleague or customer so you can get the case classified?

Which versions and builds of Windows and Access do you use?

Which bitness?

Which update channel?

And then the search for this information begins, which takes some time or is eternally unsuccessful for inexperienced users because it is spread over a number of places and in part difficult to obtain.

Colin's free version checker tool offers a remedy here. Download the ACCDE, remove macro blocking from the download and put it in a Trusted Location or click Enable Content and run it. The result can be seen in the screenshot:

All important information gathered in a single form and easy to pass on via the clipboard or a text file.

It couldn't be simpler, even if Colin had to fight hard behind the scenes of the ACCDE to elicit the secrets of all the version combinations from the many different systems, because Microsoft hardly offers any direct options for this.

So get the tool! It's especially useful in the context of bug reports.

BTW Colin had demonstrated the tool in my Access News in October, albeit in the add-in variant. I have since persuaded him to update the simpler ACCDE variant with all version detection features. I believe this variant will be more widely used.

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