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Display bugs in Access 365 Version 2302 are fixed

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Two unconnected bugs have appeared in the version 2302 update to Access 365. Both are related to the query design window. Both were fixed in the updates released on 14 March

  1. Query as subform source object

If a query is used directly as source object of a subform control, strange display issues occur when hovering over or clicking on fields. Elements of the query design ‘bleed through’ onto the form. For example:

But for 'best results, also click on the field headers:

The issue was reported by @mindflux firstly at Microsoft Community Hub and then at

The bug reports were a model of clarity with detailed information, screenshots, video

and information about affected builds.

Many thanks to @mindflux for the information provided


The Access team have stated that a fix should be in the next update scheduled for 14 March.

In the meantime, possible workrounds:

i) Reduce the subform height to 0 in the main form design view then add code to

restore the subform height in the Form_Load event

(Suggested by Shane Groff from the Access team)

ii) Use a saved form (or even a table would work) as the subform source object

2. Out-of-scale text rendering in design view

This was reported in a since deleted thread at Microsoft Community Hub.

If you use anything other than 10pt in Access Options . . . Object Designers, the top 3 rows revert to 10 pt after the query is run (but the criteria row remains at your set point size)

Font size 8pt

Font size 16pt

Possible workround:

For now, use 10pt in Object Designer options

Status UPDATE (13 March):

The Access team have just announced that a fix for this will also be in the next

update scheduled for 14 March.

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Mar 10, 2023

Access strikes again. I spent ages trying to sort the first one out the other day, thinking it was something I had done or was corruption. Tried the usual compacting and then importing everything into a new file. Access isn't very stable these days, is it.

Colin Riddington
Colin Riddington
Mar 10, 2023
Replying to

I feel your pain. Its not as stable as we'd all like but we don't actually know whether the bleed-through glitch is a Windows issue or an Access issue. Either way getting a fix in about a week is pretty impressive in my opinion.

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