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Don't show the Design View Warning for Linked Tables

In version 2308 of Aug 28, Microsoft added a new option among 16 other bug fixes and changes.

When you open a linked table in design view to look up a field name, data type, etc. you get the warning message that you can't make design changes in a linked table and blahblah. You have to click it away, and click it away, and... When I add it up, the message box has cost the worldwide Access community 123 years of their lives.

I never saw anyone say anything about it, because it was always that way, the warning was more than natural. Then came the shining knight in the person of The Smiley Coder Anders Ebro, who told the Access team at Microsoft that he was tired of the message box and if we could have a "Don't show this message again" option. Some people enthusiastically agreed, including me, of course.

The Access team was empathetic and now we have what I will call the Anders Option in the really broooaaad message box.

If you can't keep this up in the long run and are craving the warning message again, you can reactivate it in the Access options. I'm betting that won't happen en masse.

If you still think that this is all peanuts, I have to quote Philipp Stiefel:

This is the most useful new feature since Access 2010!

Hell, I added a new blogpost category for Features here on AFo to mark the occasion.

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