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Let's celebrate the Bug of the Year!

Updated: Apr 8

Heavens! Did that one really have to be exposed at the end of an arduous year? In the Microsoft Q&A forum, a user reported his nightmarish experience importing an Excel file. AccessForever's taskforce has started investigating and so far cannot rule out that it is even the bug of the millennium. But first things first:

If you choose to import an Excel file in Access 365, and in the last step you specify the name of a table that already exists in the database, then this warning message appears:

The exact same message has been appearing since at least Access 2003, i.e. for 20 years. We are yet to find out how old this wizard message really is. It could well be from the previous millennium. Anyway, it seems that no one has ever spotted what took the breath away of the reporting user "chaitea":

There is an r missing in "Overwite"!

No reports of data loss caused by this have us arrived yet, but of course I immediately reported the bug to Microsoft's Access team. The answering software engineer was quite shocked. Even though he did not share my opinion that perhaps the product should be recalled, he promised a fix for this.

So we can hope for improvement and will adamantly stay on the case. With this in mind:

Happy New Year!


Update: They did it!

We were not bluffed or disappointed. The danger has been averted. When I remembered this epochal bug today, April 8 of the year 2023, and checked it for a fix, my jaw dropped: it's fixed in version 2303 of Access 365. Image proof:

It was probably fixed even earlier, but the Access team once again missed the chance to celebrate its accomplishments and did the fix silently. Herewith be it announced!

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