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Microsoft's Lifecycle Policy for Office/Access

Recently, on April 11, 2023, the support for Office 2013 and thus Access 2013 has expired. This means that Microsoft will no longer provide technical support for this version, will no longer send bug and security fixes, and that this version will gradually disappear from the online documentation at Microsoft.

The end of support means that many organizations and companies will or even have to replace it with something newer. In the case of Office 2013, this should have already happened for the most part, because the end of the 10-year support period was known.

That being said, Office 2013 continues to work, of course. (1) Access 2013, however, was never very popular (that's what our conference statistics always said), because there were almost no new features in this version, but many deprecations.

Office 2013 fell under Microsoft's Fixed Lifecycle Policy with 5 years Mainstream + 5 years Extended Support. Office 2016 and 2019 are the last Office versions under this policy, 2019 already with a reduced support period of 5+2. Here are the dates:



Mainstream End

Extended End

Sep 22, 2015

Oct 13, 2020

Oct 14, 2025

Sep 24, 2018

Oct 10, 2023

Oct 14, 2025

Office 2021 and Office/Microsoft 365 fall under the current Modern Lifecycle Policy:




Oct 5, 2021

Oct 13, 2026

Sep 22, 2015

In Support

So, all 365 apps like Access 365 no longer have an end date for support. Instead according to the Lifecycle FAQ:

Products and services governed by the Modern Lifecycle Policy are supported as long as customers stay current as per the servicing and licensing requirements published for the product or service and have the rights to use the product or service. Microsoft will provide a minimum of 12 months' prior notification before ending support for products governed by the Modern Lifecycle Policy without providing a successor product or service, excluding free products, services or preview releases.

2 more Microsoft links:

1) Personal side note: I still use Access 2010, a stable version outside of support ;-) , as the main tool for development, because it allows me to serve customers with all frequently used versions (2010-365). Only for customers who use features that are not backward compatible, like one who uses Modern Charts in Access 365, I use this version for development.

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