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Not Enough Memory when Opening Reports with Version 2305 (Fixed)

Updated: Jun 20


When you try to open or print reports in Access/Office version 2305 build 16501.20196 (release date June 1, 2023) you may get error number 2004 "There isn't enough memory to perform this operation".

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The cause and the exact circumstances are unclear to the public. What we know is that it is an update bug in the mentioned build, that you have to use an application icon and open other objects before the report in order to hit the bug, but there have to be more factors.


Build 16501.20210 from June 13th fixes the bug for the Current Channel. For the Current Channel Preview, the soon to be released version 2306, build 16529.20126, will contain the fix.

If you don't get the fixing build automatically you can choose Update Now in the Access account dialog.

Until you install the fixing build you can use one of these workarounds:

Workaround 1: According to Microsoft it helps to not use an application icon.

Workaround 2: Reverting to any older Office/Access version helps, e.g. to version 2304, build 16327.20248.

Workaround 3: Open a report in your application before opening any other object.

This workaround was first found by Norwegian developer Sigurd Aas, who described it as follows:

  1. I created an empty report, called It “rpt_Dummy”

  2. I detect on login the version – if version 16501 (bad version) then I flash a report in preview mode quickly:

DoCmd.OpenReport “rpt_dummy”, acPreview

DoEvents '(don’t know if needed, but added it here)

DoCmd.Close acReport, “rpt_dummy”


Bug History

June 6: I saw the initial reports on LinkedIn and in forums, and pointed Microsoft to the reports. June 7: An engineer started communicating (on LinkedIn) about details and a repro. June 8: Sigurd posted his workaround and sent a repro file to the Access team. June 9: We published the bug article including two workarounds. June 10: We added another workaround and the planned fix date, both provided by Microsoft, to the article. June 13: Microsoft released the fix in the next (possible) update round. A few affected people confirmed that the fix works and we updated the article to let others know.

Conclusion: If we can't prevent these update bugs, at least this is the kind of collaboration+information we envision to minimize the damage.

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