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Two Font Display Issues in Version 2309 - FIXED

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Thanks to Josef Poetzl for the screenshots used above

I recently reported two display issues to the Access team that first appeared in version 2309.

At least one is indirectly related to the change to the new Aptos font Office theme that was released in version 2308.

The two issues are now being more widely seen as more users update to v2309 or later. For example, see this thread at Access World Forums

However, both issues were fixed very quickly. Thanks to the Access team for a speedy response

The version 2309 problems were:

1. Font changes for some form controls.

In many forms, only a few controls may be affected. In others like the form below, almost all control fonts get changed. The altered text may not fit in the space provided.

The affected controls are those that originally used the default Calibri font.

In such cases, command button fonts are changed to System and fonts in textboxes, labels & combos changed to MS Sans Serif


When the Calibri font is used in a theme, it is renamed as Calibri (Detail).

Controls using the Calibri (Detail) theme font are NOT affected

UPDATE 12 Oct 2023:

I am pleased to report that the font issue has now been fixed. No version update required but you will need to restart Access for the fix to be implemented.

Affected forms should revert to the original fonts provided you haven't saved the form in the meantime. Where forms have been saved, you will need to restore the affected controls to the original font manually

2. Shutter Bar Vertical Text changed

When the navigation pane is minimized, the vertical text in the shutter bar appears to be compressed or in a strange script:


This is purely a visual glitch and does not affect the functionality of the navigation pane


None known at this time

UPDATE 28 Oct 2023:

The nav pane shutter bar issue was also fixed in version 2310 which was released on 25 Oct

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