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Access Support Confirmed for Another 5 Years

Microsoft has published which applications will be part of the next perpetual Office and will again receive five years of guaranteed support until 2029. Access is of course included.

The next version of Office has long been expected for the second half of 2024. However, Microsoft has only been announcing details like release dates and included applications of the next perpetual licenses of Office at very short notice for some versions now.

Customers should preferably take the subscription/rental version Microsoft 365. However, many customers around the world are not able or willing to do this. That's why there is still a new purchase version every 2-3 years. One advantage of these versions is that - unlike M365 - they have a guaranteed support period and therefore offer security and predictability in this respect.

The first Office 2024 variant to be released is the volume license, which Microsoft nowadays calls LTSC (Long Time Servicing Channel). The LTSC preview was therefore announced this March and declared available in April in a Microsoft blog post:

The support period of 5 years is confirmed in both articles. In the April article and in another one on the installation of LTSC, Access is explicitly mentioned as part of Office 2024.

None of this is surprising, but since the best antidote to the usual rumours about Access are official facts and links from the manufacturer, we want to specifically point out Microsoft's new support guarantee for Access 2024 until 2029.

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5 commentaires

Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson
13 juin

I wonder if that marketing issue is a feature or a bug.


Neil Jordan
13 juin

Great news, but this is just at the same sort of time that Access has been hidden in the Microsoft 365 Business plan comparisons. Rather than appearing at the top along with Publisher, it has been hidden down in the checklist with the latter which we know is going to go EOL.

It feels like Access is in the middle of another tug of war here, just like it is with the Outlook teams' direction.

En réponse à

Ok, so they've actually removed it between Dec 4, 2023 and Jan 16, 2024 from the icons on the first page there. Another marketing shame. This has also happened successively on other sites over a number of years.

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