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Combo Box "Auto Expand" May Not Work Correctly in Windows 11 -- Fixed

Updated: Jan 5

In some versions of M365 and Access 2021 under Windows 11, Combo Boxes with the Auto Expand property set to "Yes" do not expand correctly to match the values typed in them. Some reports of this behavior indicate it to be inconsistent, but that it recurs in databases where the problem has appeared.

In two cases, the version of M365 used by the reporting person was specific to Educators, although two others reported with this behavior did not identify an Educator version specifically. See, for example, these discussions:

Several Access Builds have been reported to exhibit this behavior, including:

  • Microsoft® Access® para Microsoft 365 MSO (versión 2310 compilación 16.0.16924.20054) de 64 bits

  • Microsoft Access 2021 MSO (Version 2310 Build 16.0.16924.20054) 32-bit

  • Microsoft Access for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2309 Build 16.0.16827.20166) 32-bit


The common denominator for this problem appears to be in newer builds of Windows 11 rather than any change in Office, as suggested by the different builds of Access.


Dropping the list in a combo box alleviates the problem.


A fix for this issue has been delivered in update Version 2312, January 4, 2024. See the Version History Page here.

NOTE: we also confirmed that having ANSI 92 Compatibility turned on in an accdb causes this problem. If update version 2312 doesn't correct the auto expand problem in your accdb(s), check whether you have ANSI 92 Compatibility turned on in them. If you need ANSI 92 Compatibility, you need to wait for Microsoft to deliver a fix for this configuration.

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Mar 12

We are still using Access 2000 with mdb databases

The combobox autoexpand was always working. Then, it abruptly stopped working after the 100th element of the list. Maybe an update somewhere broke (which one? Is it possible to uninstall it?)

Updating Windows and Other Office versions installed on the computer does not help. It is still not working.

Is there someone at Microsoft reading here who can just revert back this bug?

Apr 10
Replying to

What can I do to ask to Microsoft to correct the bug they have created recently?


Kent Gorrell
Jan 26

The Auto expand in combo box issue occurred for lists with as few as two records (not just for more than 100) where ANSI 92 Compatibility was set to True when the accdb was created. ie when the setting for SQL Server Compaitiblity Syntax (ANSI 92) was set to True for 'Default for new database'

The issue persisted after changing the ANSI 92 setting for 'This database'.

I have 2310 (Montly Enterprise Build 16924.20180) and this issue seems to have now been resolved when ANSI 92 is set to False.

So I'm guessing that 2312 also resolves this issue where ANSI 92 is set to True.

Note: the Settting for ANSI 92 is not listed in Options for Current Database,…


Mark Davies
Mark Davies
Jan 09

I have MS Access as part of Office 2019 on not 365, but I have exactly the problem described here following a W11 update late last year. Is there a fix I can use?

Replying to

The fix mentioned in the article also applies to Access 2019. Whether you already have it also depends on your update channel. If your build number is older than 17126.20126, then you may need to select "Update now" in File - Account - Update Options.


Kent Gorrell
Jan 07

I just updated to Enterprise Monthly 2310 16924.20180 and I can confirm that, in an accdb that was affected, when I turned off ANSI 92 compatibility, Auto Expand now works.


Kent Gorrell
Jan 06

So we now know that this is due to ANSI 92 compatibility. If you create an accdb with this turned on you get the problem.

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