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List of fixes in 2022

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Since May 2022, Microsoft's Access team has published an (almost) monthly list of bug fixes for the latest versions of Access on its blog. To make this information more visible and searchable, here is the full list and links to the blog posts where you can find a bit more description.

  1. Decimal field with percentage formatting loses format when clicked on

  2. Form On Load event runs during Access shutdown

  3. When validating data for exporting to Dataverse, the query indicating issues includes columns that have no issues

  4. Text is not visible in the Find and Replace dialog in SQL View when Office Theme is set to black

  5. Access becomes unresponsive when dropping the column menu for a large table

  6. Screen reader does not read all columns in the selected row of a Combo Box list

  7. Field with Conditional formatting, and Can Grow set to Yes not expanding to show all lines of text when printing

  8. Field with Border Style set to Transparent, and Can Grow set to Yes not expanding to show all lines of text when printing

  1. Cannot create a DAO field object for Date/Time Extended type

  2. Bug in Expression Builder in some languages

  3. Error reported when using the Nz function

  1. Access Database Engine fails to load when used as a Data Access Objects (DAO) provider

  2. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) performance regression in Excel when looping through DAO Recordset

  3. No error shown when trying to open unsigned macro in .mdb or .mde file

  4. Access terminates unexpectedly when using aggregate functions in query

  5. Using the Access Database Engine as an OLEDB provider (Microsoft.Ace.OLEDB.16.0) to connect to an Access database with links to SharePoint lists may cause an application to terminate unexpectedly

  6. Additional details for saving import/export specs no longer appear

  1. Seek number in DAO for Large Number does not work

  2. Dataverse Connector table import results inconsistent

  3. Dataverse Connector Proxy Issue: Make change to the way we configure OAdapter client proxy so that we use_default instead of use_auto_discovery option

  4. Access 365: Clear cache on close does not clear the cache starting with SAEC Version 2108

  5. Can't export table with Date/Time Extended column to text or Excel

  1. "#Deleted" displayed for all values in linked SQL Server tables

  2. Error when trying to use DoCmd.TransferText with an export specification

  1. A form bound to an ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) record set does not appear correctly when inserting records

  2. We don't expose Precision/Scale in the field properties collection (SQL Server Migration Assistant)

  3. Filter using a search term that ends in a space does not take the space into account

  4. Record navigation textbox doesn't display full record count when you have >999,999 records and scroll to the end

  5. Accessibility Issue: Screen reader doesn't narrate the label of the edit field in the Enter Parameter Value dialog when running a query

  6. Importing text file with date/time values with AM/PM fails to import date/time values

  7. Calendar icon not appearing for textbox bound to Date/Time Extended

  8. GoToRecord action doesn't work when focus is in navigation pane

  9. Datetime2 data type formatting doesn't handle fractional seconds properly

  10. Date formatting for datetime2 displays incorrect day of week

  11. When exporting reports in Microsoft access to excel, the excel file doesn't get created

  12. Applying Filters in "Add Tables" pane

  13. Docmd.RunCommand acCmdShowDatePicker doesn't work if current control is in a subform

  14. Import Text wizard doesn't handle UTF-8 correctly

  15. “No current record” and other messages that never used to happen.

  16. Bug using Unicode characters in field names

  17. Not using friendly name for Dataverse Connector lookup if the column name is capitalized

  1. Update "web experience" string in Client Settings

  2. The fishbowl color in Access is incorrect with the new Office Fluent work

  3. Navigation pane background doesn't match the background color of other panes

  4. Access Connectivity Engine (ACE) which replaced the JET DB engine in Access 2007, Out of Memory Error when looping through record set in VBA in Excel or Word

  5. ODBC issue where column name of 64 characters

  6. Unintended line breaks happen if the data have Unicode Ideographic Variation Sequence (IVS) characters

  7. When closing the Edit Link dialog using the Linked Table Manager (LTM), the Linked Table Manager also closes

  8. FormatCondition.Enabled is neither True nor False

  9. Dataverse Connector - improve wording to indicate the export error table will identify all specific tables and columns when there are unsupported fields

  10. Access crashes when applying multiple filters to a value list lookup

  11. Access 2016 cannot process large .csv files on linked table with error "Your computer is out of disk space"

  12. Access Charts are not showing currency fields with a localized currency symbol

  13. Close button in document tab is disabled for Macro Builder

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