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Video: The Current State of Access

I promise not to resell every one of my talks here, but this one was different, i.e. programmatic and pretty comprehensive if you're looking for up-to-date information on Access.

Last week I gave a 70 minute presentation for the Denver Area Access User Group on many aspects of Access. Some of them might interest you. So I'm listing the exact links to the chapters in the timeline of the recording on Youtube, in case you want to get spot-on information:

02:25 Market and Technology - Minuses

05:28 Market and Technology - Pluses

12:45 Death Rumours - antidotes, which I then made a permanent article here on AFo

18:43 Update Bugs in 2022

19:54 Update Bugs - Change Gates and Phases

24:29 Update Bugs - Fundamental Questions

29:09 Update Bugs and AFo

33:37 Update Bugs - What to do if you suspect to be affected

36:20 New Features since 2022

40:42 New Features and AFo

45:55 Microsoft Websites

55:19 Program Managers

56:28 Version Statistics - there's also an AFo article

63:00 My Community Initiatives

65:31 twinBASIC

68:55 The Access Song, Verse 2 - verse 1 can be found in an AFo article

We'll continue with the latest information, also directly from Microsoft's Access team, at the Access DevCon in April.

If you have opinions about the contents of my talk (even if completely contrary ;-), you can comment on Youtube and of course feel free to comment here.

P.S. @George Young, I promise to remember that Colorado is pronounced AH not AY! I shouldn't insult even the host every time. 🤷‍♂️

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