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Word Mail Merge from Access Disabled/Broken in Version 2305 (Fixed)

Updated: Jul 17, 2023


When you try to use the Word Mail Merge Wizard in Access/Office Version 2305 (in Current Channel, build 16501.20196 and 16501.20210) you receive an error message that Microsoft Word is required and the merge fails. It has been reported, but not yet confirmed, that the Word Merge icon in the ribbon might be disabled .


This happens because Word crashes when Access tries to start it for the merge.


The fix is also in version 2305 build 16501.20228, as of June 24, 2003.

This is fixed in version 2306. If people want to validate, there should be a new build released to Current Channel (Preview), Build 16529.20126 very soon (this week), and is scheduled for release to Current Channel (probably with a slightly newer build) On June 26.

This is not an issue specific to Access, any attempt to start and show Word through automation causes Word to crash.

Until you install the fixing build you can use one of these workarounds:

Workaround 1: Roll back to an earlier version which does not have the bug, e.g. version 2304 build 16.0.16327.20308.

Workaround 2: Initiate the merge from Word and choose your database as the data source, rather than starting from Access.

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