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German Access Conference AEK25

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Last week I opened registration for the German Access developers conference AEK in Nuremberg on Oct 14+15. It's the 25th since 1998 (2020 was cancelled due to Corona), which we will of course celebrate again with music and cake.

Traditionally, the AEK existed as an offline event. In the last two years it was hybrid with live broadcast via MS Teams. Since the Corona measures are over and hybrid means more work, more costs and less liveliness, this time it is again a pure on-site event.

I'm curious to see how many people will come back to a live event these days. So far it looks pretty good, as we are already about half full with 50 developers from Central Europe.

The conference topics set so far:

  • News from the Microsoft Access Team

  • Access update by KD

  • unDate/upDate – tools for mucking up and analyzing data

  • SQL Server locking with Access applications

  • ChatGPT and integration in Access

  • On-Prem -> Cloud move in big corporations

  • All about the new web browser control

  • Tool presentations (AI add-In for Access, LAA update solution etc.)

  • 2-3 more topics will complete the agenda + several short presentations at the evening reception

So there's a lot going on again for/in the German speaking Access community, supported by coffee and cake, several courses of lunch, beer and Franconian food at the evening reception, cocktails and tea at the hotel bar, potential live performances with music and my dreaded weird jokes...

Addendum (Oct 2)

The conference is sold out now with >105 attendees.

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