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List of fixes in 2023

Updated: Mar 20

Since last year Microsoft's Access team has published an (almost) monthly list of bug fixes for the latest versions of Access on its blog. To make this information more visible and searchable, we will collect the full list for 2023 here and link to the Microsoft blog posts where you can find more description. For 2022 see here.

Feb 2023

  1. Error ‘Duplicate out alias __Agg255’ when running a complex report.

  2. Access shuts down unexpectedly when clicking on a subform control with no Source Object

  3. Reserved Error -1038 reported when trying to run a query with a TOP clause when ordering by a Date/Time Extended field.

  4. Some rows show # Deleted in a linked SQL table with DateTime2 columns

  5. Error message “One of your parameters is invalid,” when expanding a sub-datasheet linked by a Large Number column.

  6. Error message “Data type mismatch in criteria expression” when trying to filter on a Date/Time Extended column if the column is indexed.

  7. Labels in the second column of form are not associated with the corresponding textbox

  8. For a VBA project with a digital signature, saving the project would remove the signature, even if the signing certificate is available.

Jan 2023 (2)

  1. When running code requires notification, the DoCmd.TransferDatabase method will be blocked, even when a database is in a Trusted Location

  2. When a query references a field, half-width and full-width characters are not considered equal, which can cause references to fail to resolve

Jan 2023 (1)

  1. When exporting to Dataverse, and filtering the list of available sites, Access may export to the wrong site

  2. Setting the Horizontal Anchor property to Right may change the property value for controls to the left in a layout

  3. Query design does not allow specifying Is Null as the criteria for a Date/Time Extended field

  4. When specifying a Date/Time literal as the criteria for a Date/Time Extended field, an error occurs “Data type mismatch in criteria expression”

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