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List of fixes in 2023

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Since last year Microsoft's Access team has published a monthly list of bug fixes for the latest versions of Access on its blog. To make this information more visible and searchable, we are collecting the full list for 2023 here and link to the Microsoft blog posts where you can find more description. For 2022 see here.

  1. Reserved error -1001 when using a reserved word in a SQL query

  2. Report in report view shows navigation controls

  3. Can’t open a query directly into SQL view

  4. Navigation Pane does not display text correctly when collapsed

  5. When you navigate using the new Edge browser control using the Navigate method while the control is hidden, then set the Visible property to True, the control does not show the correct page

  6. In some cases, using an append query with a linked Dataverse table could cause Access to terminate

  7. Applying multiple filters to a linked Dataverse table could cause Access to terminate

  1. Crash when opening a linked Dataverse table

  2. Crash when creating a new form if the Normal form has a subform control

  3. CopyFromRecordset command in Excel used to retrieve data from another Excel sheet using the Microsoft.Ace.Oledb provider could produce incorrect results

  4. Memory leak when copying rows with attachments

  5. Filter menus incorrection showing an underscore (_) rather than an ampersand (&)

  6. Application.SetOption command does not work for “Continuous Form Record Navigation Keys” option

  7. Crash when inserting records in form bound to ADO recordset

  1. When saving a table, we may duplicate the table in the relationship window

  2. Hang when hitting Tab key in design view

  3. Listbox flickers when getting/losing focus

  4. When a failure to connect to Dataverse occurs because of a broken network connection, Access displays Reserved Error -20345

  5. Assigning Date/Time value to Date/Time Extended field through VBA generates error

  6. When exporting a Date/Time field to SQL Server we create a datetime2(7) column

  7. Dataverse connections assume accounts are in the commercial cloud.

  8. Wrong error message when using TransferText

  1. Opening a linked table in design view displayed a warning that the linked table definition couldn’t be edited

  2. Error message can’t be dismissed in query designer

  3. When exporting to SharePoint, invalid data may cause operation to fail with unhelpful error message

  4. The AcSysCmdAction didn’t have an enumeration value defined that supported creating an ACCDE file

  5. When an Edge Browser Control has Visible=No, the control would still render in form view

  6. Narrator doesn’t narrate properly in subform controls

  7. F1 does not link to the correct documentation for several properties of the Edge Browser Control.

  8. When specifying a local file for a new Edge Browser Control, the file does not render

  9. Error "Not enough free memory to update the display." when switching Office themes

  10. Access would terminate unexpectedly if the Build Event command was selected for an Edge Browser Control.

  11. The Edge Browser Control does not load local files specified with a UNC path

  12. Opening a Query in some environments opens in the browser

  13. The Edge Browser Control does not render content when an existing file is chosen in the Insert Hyperlink dialog on creation

  14. Exporting report to XLSX format creates an empty workbook if the report has a Sum expression

  15. Crash when trying to view related tables when exporting to Dataverse

  16. Crash when setting control source to empty on Edge Browser Control

  17. Data in linked Dataverse table isn’t updated while table is open

  1. Export to Dataverse silently fails if attempting to export a table with unsupported characters

  2. In Dark Gray theme, text in table designer is light gray on white background

  3. Navigation keys do not work in Edge Browser Control

  4. Clipboard shortcut keys (Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V) do now work in Edge Browser Control

  5. The TransferDatabase action reports error ‘2001’ when importing from an unsigned database

  6. Narrator reads the CLSID of ActiveX controls as the selection changes in the Insert ActiveX Control dialog.

  7. Opening a Query in some environments opens in the browser

  1. Performance degradation when using ADODB to manipulate data from Excel VBA

  2. DLookup doesn't work properly if a TempVar, or other object is specified as the Criteria argument

  3. The Edge Browser Control does not display local files if they have non-Ansi characters in the name

  4. During Dataverse Export, there is little feedback

  5. Out of memory error when opening a report

  6. Multiple accessibility issues with the Contacts template

  1. Cannot use a link to a table in an Access database with 20-character password.

  2. When a control in a report has Can Grow or Can Shrink set to Yes, and uses conditional formatting, it may not correctly size the control.

  3. The Result Type dropdown for a calculated column in a table does not show "Large Number."

  4. Reserved error (-7747) when trying to link to SQL Server table with a spatial index on a geography column.

  5. "#Deleted" displayed in table when linked to a SQL table with a geography column.

  6. When "Allow Special Keys" option is off, breakpoints in VBA code do not work.

  7. Error 3048 "Cannot open anymore databases" when exporting many reports to PDF.

  8. Closing a report in print preview may cause Access to terminate unexpectedly.

  9. Tables disappearing in Relationship window when selected and a table is saved in design view.

  10. DAO DataTypeEnum enumeration does not include a value for Date/Time Extended.

  11. When using the Zoom builder for the first time on a system with metric settings, the font is too small to be legible.

  12. Error calling Query/Table refresh multiple times from Excel workbook to Access database.

  13. Document tabs don't meet accessibility contrast requirements.

  14. DoCmd.OutputTo acFormatXLSX doesn't work.

  1. Some date filters do not work when there are Null values in the date column

  2. When linking to a SQL Server table with a bigint column, Access does not prompt to enable linking as a Large Number

  1. When inserting records into a linked SQL Server table with an INSERT trigger, the insert fails

  2. When using a query as the Source Object for a subform, query design elements appear in form view

  3. Access runtime does not validate digital signature

  4. Access terminates unexpectedly when trying to open a linked Dataverse table in the browser

  5. Export to Dataverse fails in non-English versions if table contains Yes/No fields

  6. If the query designer is open when changing the Office theme, the query designer would not use the correct font

  1. Error ‘Duplicate out alias __Agg255’ when running a complex report.

  2. Access shuts down unexpectedly when clicking on a subform control with no Source Object

  3. Reserved Error -1038 reported when trying to run a query with a TOP clause when ordering by a Date/Time Extended field.

  4. Some rows show # Deleted in a linked SQL table with DateTime2 columns

  5. Error message “One of your parameters is invalid,” when expanding a sub-datasheet linked by a Large Number column.

  6. Error message “Data type mismatch in criteria expression” when trying to filter on a Date/Time Extended column if the column is indexed.

  7. Labels in the second column of form are not associated with the corresponding textbox

  8. For a VBA project with a digital signature, saving the project would remove the signature, even if the signing certificate is available.

  1. When running code requires notification, the DoCmd.TransferDatabase method will be blocked, even when a database is in a Trusted Location

  2. When a query references a field, half-width and full-width characters are not considered equal, which can cause references to fail to resolve

  1. When exporting to Dataverse, and filtering the list of available sites, Access may export to the wrong site

  2. Setting the Horizontal Anchor property to Right may change the property value for controls to the left in a layout

  3. Query design does not allow specifying Is Null as the criteria for a Date/Time Extended field

  4. When specifying a Date/Time literal as the criteria for a Date/Time Extended field, an error occurs “Data type mismatch in criteria expression”

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