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List of fixes in 2024

Updated: May 18

Since May 2022 Microsoft's Access team has published a monthly list of bug fixes for Access on its blog. To make this information more visible and searchable, we are collecting the full list for 2024 here and link to the Microsoft blog posts where you can find more description. We also have the annual lists for 2022 (54 items) and 2023 (88 items).

  1. Characters in the extended range of support not correctly exported to HTML

  2. Characters in the extended range of support not correctly displayed in charts

  3. Data appears incorrect when exporting tables with multiple relationships

  4. Application.Run would not execute code when Macro Settings require signed macros, even if the target database is signed

  5. An error may occur when trying to filter for a selection

  6. Slow performance when executing query against linked SQL Server table that restricts on Large Number field

  7. Access terminates unexpectedly when using right-click on a macro or query in the Navigation Pane

  1. Error “Primary key already exists.” when refreshing a link to a SQL Server table.

  2. Data in the extended range of supported characters is not displayed correctly when imported from an Outlook folder.

  3. Options in the Paste Special dialog are not displayed correctly in some languages when pasting a hyperlink.

  4. When pasting from a Hyperlink field to a Rich Text field, data in the extended range of supported characters may not display correctly.

  5. When specifying the description of a database template, data in the extended range of supported characters may not display correctly when using the template to create a new database.

  6. Cannot create a new database from a template if a table name contains an ampersand (&).

  7. Error when trying to import/link text or Excel files.

  8. Filename for exported file is not correct when it uses the extended range of supported characters

  9. No error displayed when there is a failure trying to switch tabs in a Navigation Form.

  10. Text for the ribbon button to set the alternate row color for a datasheet reads “Alternative Row Colour” in British English.

  11. The term Report is incorrectly localized in some versions of Access.

  1. Autocomplete for a Combo Box control may not work if the dropdown displays numbers and there are negative numbers in the list

  2. If the default value of a field is an asterisk (*) or other binary operator, and is not surrounded by quotes, an error will be generated.

  3. When you set the Visible property of an Edge browser control to true (if it was previously false), the control does not navigate to its URL

  4. Trying to use the Navigate method on a hidden Edge browser control could cause Access to terminate unexpectedly.

  5. If a form has a hidden Edge control and the Record Source property of the form is modified in the form’s Open event, Access may terminate unexpectedly.

  6. The tool gallery in form layout view does not show the new Edge browser control

  7. Choosing an event from the event dropdown for the Edge browser control in the VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) IDE (integrated development environment) that is not supported can cause Access to terminate unexpectedly

  8. Cannot navigate to local file if edge browser is initially blank

  9. Setting control source of Edge control in form view does not cause control to navigate

  1. No list of font sizes when Aptos font is selected

  2. When a query was open in datasheet or design view, the context menu command to open in SQL View in the navigation pane would not switch the open query to SQL View

  3. # Error when using DateDiff with one Date/Time column and one Date/Time Extended column

  4. The updated linked table manager no longer shows the name of the DSN used for a linked table

  5. Access may terminate unexpectedly when running a macro after editing it

  6. F1 does not display the correct help page when used on some properties/methods of the Field2 object in the VBA IDE

  7. Some valid values for the DBEngine.SetOption method have no defined constant

  8. Subform control does not support LabelName property

  9. Auto expand in combo boxes doesn't work for list items >100 index

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Kent Gorrell
Jan 24

Nice to see that your utility to extend Access memory is no longer required. But thank your for having relieved "out of memory" frustrations in the past. Now if only you do the same for my brain!

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